growing with the enneagram

holly heuer


Welcome... You have found the website of a curious student and experienced teacher of the Enneagram, a map of the human personality.  Maybe you have never heard of it.  Maybe you worked with it for a long time.  But I have found --- after exploring many other personality tests and typologies - that the Enneagram makes the most sense.  I have watched the “light bulb” go on for so many people who were wandering in the confusion of their own lives.  I am amazed that so simple a tool can lead to such stunning growth in people who are motivated to understand themselves.  

The key to spiritual growth is knowing ourselves.  The key to being closer to God is ironically being closer to ourselves.  The great mystics and wisdom teachers throughout history have emphasized this truth.  “No one has known God who has not known himself,” said the religious scholar Meister Eckhart.  Even John Calvin,  a standard-bearer for orthodoxy wrote that “Nearly all the wisdom which we possess, that is to say, true and sound wisdom, consists of two parts: the knowledge of God and of ourselves.”  So, knowing ourselves is the path to spiritual union.  It is the path to freedom that all human beings yearn for.  Through the Enneagram, we learn who we are as friends, leaders, partners and parents.  We learn what affect our personalities has on others.

The Enneagram describes nine distinct personality types as well as the system that connects each one.   Working with the Enneagram will help individuals make sense out of troubling emotions and actions.  It will unlock the mystery of what seems like habitual patterns in our lives.

Through the window of the Enneagram, pastors will be able to understand their particular leadership styles and the way that it affects the churches they serve.  Most importantly they will find constructive advice for working on the areas that need development ---  enjoying better balance. 

The Enneagram can be a useful tool in the church.  Guided by the Enneagram, Pastor Nominating Committees receive helpful insights as they search for new leadership, helping them articulate the qualities they are seeking in a new pastor.  Groups seeking intentional spiritual renewal will benefit from the wisdom and truth that the Enneagram system provides.  Parents will be amazed by the grace and joy of finally understanding their children!  An introduction to the Enneagram can happen in a church school class or a weekend retreat, providing a enjoyable way to get to know others.

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